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Coverage for a condominium is not the same as house insurance coverage. Condo insurance usually comes with the Master Policy association insurance but knowing about this coverage in detail may require that you need another policy. Buying an additional policy will ensure that the condo is covered to protect assets owned. Knowing the Master Policy coverage can assist in learning what other policies are needed for condo insurance.

Master Policy

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• All In - property coverage that includes all fixtures and upgrades to the unit inside Knowing ahead of time what the deductible is for the Master Policy can give advanced preparation for any claims that need to be filed. Upwards of $50,000 or less could be part of the amount split among the residents in the condos.

Additional Policies

When deciding upon additional coverage, there are two choices between cash value or replacement coverage for possessions. In filing claims for items that may have been destroyed due to natural events or by theft, the cash value of the item would be the depreciation value of the item what it would cost if it was sold today. The item may be over three years old and the depreciation may be a lot less from when it was originally bought.

Replacement coverage would be the amount needed to replace the item with a new one. This is a check that would come in order to buy the newer item depending upon its value and what type of item it was. Extra policy insurance will save money in the case of natural events or theft. It could only cost just a little bit extra a month to purchase this coverage.

Condo insurance Master Policy often covers fire and other natural events but requires a separate policy for wind, flood, and earthquake damage. Reviewing the Master Policy ahead of time can then assure what additional policies are needed to protect your assets.

Talking to a local insurance agency can assist in learning more about the needed condo insurance to protect assets. Local insurance agencies usually have forms available online that can be filled out instantly and receive quotes quickly from a few major insurance companies. Finding a policy today assures peace of mind in the condo you live in.

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