We’re announcing the list of releases and features planned for 2018. Please keep in mind this list is meant to be an estimation. Release dates or features may change. If you have any suggestion regarding priorities or unmentioned features, feel free to contact us via email or on github issues’ discussions.

Release v4.2


Forgot password for staffs (DONE)

Recover password by emails is currently only available for customers. Although staff passwords can be changed by an admin, they should have this feature too.

Create ticket from admin panel (DONE)

Tickets can only be created by customers. Allowing staff members to also create them helps with internal tracking of tickets without involving a customer directly.

Staff assignment (DONE)

This feature allows staff members to re-assign tickets to other staff members.

Allow customers to reopen tickets (DONE)

Customers will be able to reopen closed tickets. Currently, this is only possible for staff members.

Release v4.3


Add Customer button (DONE)

Adding new customers will be available in admin panel with a button/form. Currently it is only possible through a CSV import.

Disable Customer (DONE)

It is currently possible to ban/delete an user, but its tickets will be removed too. Customers could be disabled without removing their tickets with this implementation.

Internal Notes (DONE)

Internal notes are ticket comments that can only be seen by staff members.

Release v4.4

December 2018

Manage tickets from email

This features allows tickets to be created by email from the customers’s perspective without using the OpenSupports’ UI.

Custom Tags

Tags will help staff members to identify tickets with a common subject.

Allow multiple attachments

Multiple attachments and image pasting will be available on forms.

LDAP / Active Directory Support

LDAP protocol will be compatible with OpenSupports.

Release v4.5

February 2019

Allow other databases

OpenSupports will be compatible with SQLite and other databases.

Social Login

Allow users to signup using third-party accounts like Google and LinkedIn.


Sub-departments will make segregating tickets easier since one department can have multiple subdivisions.

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