• OpenSupports 3 has been released

    I’m happy to announce that OpenSupports v3 has been finished and released. It has been a lot of hard work and dedication I put into this project, I hope you enjoy it and join to our new community. OpenSupports 3 has a huge quantity of new features which make it the BEST support system out […]

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Open Source

OpenSupports is completely free, so you can download it and implement it into your website without paying anything. Also, it's an open source script, this means you can modify the code as much as you want and use it without any restriction to fit it into your project.

Multi-language Support

You can use several languages as a default language, but you can also use multiple languages and bring support to people all over the word. OpenSupports currently supports six language packs but there will be more in future versions.

Plugins API

The new Plugins API allows you to create modifications and plugins in a very easy way. We have a huge documentation and video tutorials to make it easy to learn. However, if you are not a developer you can download plugins and themes made by other people and add it into your website.

Introduction to OpenSupports

OpenSupports 3 has a huge quantity of new features you can use for your website. Here is an introduction video about how OS3 works and helps you to make a better administration of your users' consults.


Look at all the new features of OpenSupports. Here you will find all the information you will need to get the best of OpenSupports.


Visit our blog and find out all the latest news of OpenSupports like new releases, extra tips and more.


Join to the community, participate in the forum, share your contributions or download people's one.

Videos and Wiki

Here you have a huge quantity of video tutorials for both users and developers. Also, you have a wiki with all the documentation.