Hello everyone!

We are very happy to announce that we have released OpenSupports 4 with this new website included. It has been a long way to here but we finally are ready to show you what we were working with.

Now we have a dedicated development team composed of Ivan Diaz (Lead Developer), Juan Cruz Ponzio (Project Manager), Guillermo Giuliana (Backend Developer) and Maximiliano Redigonda (Frontend Developer). If you want to learn more about us, please go to Contact Us page.

A modern approach

This 4th version was started from scratch with no legacy code. We really wanted to develop this project focusing on using the best and latest technologies possible without losing compatibility. In order to achieve this, we decided to continue using PHP as our main backend technology. This allow us to run OS4 almost in any hosting provider. However, we implement more modern practices like an ORM (RedBean), a good object-oriented framework on top of Slim and API integration tests run with Ruby.

The most innovation came in the frontend side. We take a look to several frameworks to be based on and loved ReactJS, a javascript framework with a paradigm based on immutability and composability (it takes a lot of ideas from functional programming). Alongside with React, we controlled data flow with Redux framework, which took ideas from Elm. The development environment for frontend is made with Node, Express, Gulp and Browserify. Really cool environment.

The reason we develop OS4 with these new technologies is because we want to provide a modern, stable and developer-friendly ticket system. We have an amazing team that is very exited to continue the development of this software. We want to make OpenSupports the best ticket system possible and hopefully with the support of the community we are going to achieve it.

There is a lot of new features that will be coming during the next month, so subscribe to stay tuned with the latest news!

Thank you,

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  • B4ALLB4U says:

    Hello, Open supports Team. First of all, I am very much thankful to your entire team members of open supports for their dedicating and hard work. this is really very cool application and user-friendly UI. I am a big fan of Osticket and I have been using it last 4 years, But after finding your open supports ticket system. I fall in love with open supports. thanks a lot for all team members.

    I will stop my ticket application on my website and I will implementation open supports on my website shortly.

  • Hi,

    Superfast!!! Super cool!!!

    I loved it.

    Is it possible to add a rating module in it? Like on closing the ticket from user end, he/she can give a rating (5 star) based on the experience.

    What languages you are using to build OpenSupport? ReactJS, PHP (any framework?) etc

  • fanuel says:

    in 4.8 version
    the admin panel i cant access the statistics tab