We’re updating the list of releases and features for 2022 by far . Please keep in mind this list is meant to be an estimation. Release dates or features may change. If you have any suggestion regarding priorities or unmentioned features, feel free to contact us via email or on github issues’ discussions.

Release v4.2


Forgot password for staffs (DONE)

Recover password by emails is currently only available for customers. Although staff passwords can be changed by an admin, they should have this feature too.

Create ticket from admin panel (DONE)

Tickets can only be created by customers. Allowing staff members to also create them helps with internal tracking of tickets without involving a customer directly.

Staff assignment (DONE)

This feature allows staff members to re-assign tickets to other staff members.

Allow customers to reopen tickets (DONE)

Customers will be able to reopen closed tickets. Currently, this is only possible for staff members.

Release v4.3


Add Customer button (DONE)

Adding new customers will be available in admin panel with a button/form. Currently it is only possible through a CSV import.

Disable Customer (DONE)

It is currently possible to ban/delete an user, but its tickets will be removed too. Customers could be disabled without removing their tickets with this implementation.

Internal Notes (DONE)

Internal notes are ticket comments that can only be seen by staff members.

Release v4.4


Manage tickets from email (DONE)

This features allows tickets to be created by email from the customers’s perspective without using the OpenSupports’ UI.

Custom Tags (DONE)

Tags will help staff members to identify tickets with a common subject.

Custom Fields (DONE)

Define custom fields for users as phone number, company, etc.

Private Articles (DONE)

Create articles that can only be seen by staff members.

Private Departments (DONE)

Create departments that can only be used by staff members.

Release v4.5


Polish version added, and other languages updates (DONE)

This features allows Polish to use OpenSupport in their language.

Edit ticket content (DONE)

This will help users and staff members to edits mistakes or typos in tickets.

Webpack Build Assistant (DONE)

Stylish front-end code.

Release v4.6


Invite Users (DONE)

This features allows staffs to send invites to users via email.

Search Tickets (DONE)

This feature allows you to filter tickets by name.

Edit Ticket Title (DONE)

This allows to rename ticket titles.

Create Ticket Using API Key (DONE)

This feature allows you to setup an API Key to create tickets.

Release v4.7


Mandatory Login (DONE)

This features allows to limit the ticket creation to registered users only.

All Tickets Have An User (DONE)

Now creating a ticket will generate an user.

Default Department (DONE)

Now the tickets will go to a default deparment ”Help and Support” unless you add new departments and change it.

Release v4.8


Supervisor User (DONE)

This features allows staffs to give an user Supervisor privileges, a Supervisor user can handle tickets of a selected user.

Search Ticket Filters (DONE)

This will help you to find tickets more easily.

Release v4.9


*Statistics Graphics Updated* (DONE)

This improve the statistics graphics to show tickets as bars, as well as closed tickets.

Authors In The Dashboard Of Ticket List (DONE)

This will allow you to see who made a ticket with only looking in the list.


Remember-Me As Staff (DONE)

This will allow you to save your password in your navigator.

Create Users And Comment Tickets Using API Key (DONE)

This will allow you to create users and comment tickets via API Key.


Updated Ticket Search Logic (DONE)

This will save time while performing a ticket search.

Now Is Indicated That Is My Account When Editing Staff (DONE)

This will identify your account via url “/my-account”.

Standarization Of Styles (DONE)

To make things more smooth and similar.

Closed Ticket Button (DONE)

Now you can close tickets when the work is finished!

Ticket List In View User (DONE)

Now you can view the tickets created by an user by looking in their profile.

Release v4.10


Ticket Create Now Redirects To Dashboard (DONE)

Before you saw a confirmation message page now that appear in the dashboard.

Now You Have To Close A Ticket To Delete It (DONE)

Staff have to take and extra step to delete a ticket but we think is the right take.

Reopen Closed Ticket Button (DONE)

Reopen a closed in case the problem persist or the business remains.

Delete Ticket Now Redirects To The Previous Page (DONE)

Before that it redirected to the dashboard now you will be send to the previous page.

Release v4.11


Captcha Into Login (DONE)

To prevent bots from spamming.

Autodetect Links Into Tickets Fields (DONE)

Now when you paste a link on a ticket it will be clickable.

Close Button To Error Messages (DONE)

Finally you can close messages, before that some of them doesn’t go away.

Resend Staff Invitation (DONE)

If a staff doesn’t log or doesn’t receive the invitation email now you can resend it.

Update (6 Mar 2019): We apology for the delay on the release 4.4 which was intended for December. We will continue to add new features and keep this post updated in the future.

Update (13 May 2022): Update 4.11 comes along with the SaaS product release!

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  • David says:

    December 2018….

    • Ivan Diaz says:

      Sorry for the delay, some features took longer than we expected. We will make better estimations for future releases.

  • Jon Grady says:

    Good Morning,
    I have found your website in the search to a replacement to our current system. Before we can use this the 3 out of the 4 items we require from your release plan are due in version 4.4.

    Would it be possible to advise when this will be available?

    Many Thanks

    • Ivan Diaz says:

      v4.4 took longer than expected, please check release notes to see if it meets your requirements.

  • Nick Maynard says:

    Any idea when LDAP integration will be ready?

  • Andrew Davies says:

    do you have a updated release plan I see you release version 4.9.0 on git